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How are Twisting Machines Put Into Wire Feeding?

How are Twisting Machines Put Into Wire Feeding?

The twisting machine is a small knitting machine for twisting or doubling projects such as cotton yarn, cotton, chemical fiber, embroidery thread, nylon, polyester, rayon, sewing thread, silk, glass fiber, etc. today to describe how they were put into use?

A twisting machine is a kind of textile mechanical equipment that twists multiple strands of yarn into one strand. It is used to process yarn or blend yarn into linear products for weaving and knitting. It consists of the twisting machine body and the circuit part. The spindle outside the twisting machine body is connected to the motor output shaft of the circuit part. The front end of the spindle is equipped with a connector, which corresponds to the tap changer. The pure twist frame is fed or the cone is fed and the yarn frame is twisted, and the combined yarn or pagoda yarn is fed into the pure twist frame.

The plied yarn pulls the bobbin from the side to rotate and unwind, and the single yarn is axially led out from the respective bobbin ends, so that the yarn and the roller have a long enough friction surrounding the arc to ensure that the roller conveys the yarn to the twisting area at a uniform speed, and the yarn is merged when feeding the yarn frame part. When the spindle drives the bobbin to rotate together, the yarn drives the steel ring to rotate on the annular ring to twist the yarn.

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