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What kind of Winding Machine to Choose can Improve Efficiency?

CNC winding machine automation technology has become a bottleneck restricting the capability and work efficiency of CNC winding machines. However, the growth of technology cannot be done in months or years. We recommend that you choose the right winding machine to improve winding efficiency and equipment operating rate.

1.CNC reasonably purchase the winding machine. This is a common thread in the industry. According to the different characteristics of the winding process of different enterprises, choosing the appropriate automatic CNC winding machine is the key to ensuring its winding efficiency. First of all, under the premise of economy and practicality, according to the process requirements of the coils required by the enterprise, solve the efficiency bottleneck of the enterprise, solve the complex coil winding efficiency and high precision, and the difficulty of coil winding speed, improve the working conditions of employees, reduce labor intensity, and improve enterprise efficiency. Then, improve the coil parameters, the consistency of connected coil parameters and equipment communication; the process is centralized, the product running cycle is shortened, the fixture disassembly and production preparation time are reduced, and flexible automation is realized. In addition, targeted selection is not a blind pursuit of height. Refined, sharp, large and complete, but do not feel that saving money, buy people's cutting equipment. At the same time, there should be reliable technical support and guarantees, such as the management, programming, operation, maintenance and repair capabilities of the enterprise to the CNC equipment, to ensure that each winding machine is running in the best condition, to clarify the function and impregnation of the new equipment.

2. Whether the daily maintenance of the winding machine is convenient, scientific and standardized maintenance is one of the most important means to improve the efficiency of the CNC winding machine. The maintenance of the CNC winding machine mainly includes the maintenance of the winding machine, the maintenance, the rational use, and the overall placement of the information flow between various CNC equipment. The logistics plan. This realizes the networking of the enterprise. Digital manufacturing is necessary.

3. It is recommended that enterprises design the coil parameters reasonably. For many years, the selection of coil winding process parameters involved in the manufacture of electronic equipment in China is mainly based on its own final product function. Coil Process and Parameters by Big Coil Process and Parameters. In order to fundamentally solve the efficiency problem of the winding machine, the key to solving the process problems of the enterprise itself is to change the traditional way of obtaining process parameters by relying on a large number of experiments.

4. Improve the efficiency of winding track paradigm programming. The numerical control specifications of the winding machine are also related to the operating efficiency of the winding machine. Some enterprises produce winding machines, which are troublesome to operate, and the programming code is completely incomprehensible without long training, especially for more complex coil windings, once the winding machine requires too many movements, programming will be a very boring and difficult job .

5. Do a good job of winding fixture maintenance winding fixture tools. Then there is the advanced CNC winding machine, without reasonable fixture matching to bypass qualified coil products. It is almost impossible to improve the winding efficiency, especially in the high-speed winding state, the concentricity of the fixture is almost impossible. It is almost impossible to achieve winding The premise and premise of the high-speed winding of the wire machine will be stiffness.

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