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What are the Functions of the Winder?

Winding is the first process before the weaving. Its purpose is to process the cop or skein from the spinning department into a package that meets certain requirements on the winder. At the same time, winding is the first process of spinning, and its role in the textile field is even more important.

So, what are its functions?

1. Change the package and increase the yarn capacity of the yarn package:

The bobbins (or skeins) with less capacity are connected together by winding to form a bobbin with a relatively large capacity, and the capacity of one bobbin is similar to that of more than 20 bobbins. The package can be used for warping, twisting, weft winding, dyeing, weft on shuttleless looms and knitting yarns. The cops cannot be used directly in these processes, otherwise, the downtime will be too long, the production efficiency will be reduced, and the improvement of product quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the productivity and quality of the next process by increasing the capacity of the package by winding. condition.

2. Remove the defects on the yarn and improve the quality of the yarn:

There are inevitably some defects and impurities on the yarn produced by cotton spinning mills, such as some thick places, fine details, double yarns, weakly twisted yarns, neps and so on. In the winding process, the yarn clearing device is used to check the yarn, remove the defects and impurities on the yarn, so as to avoid their influence on the quality of the fabric; at the same time, it can also improve the uniformity and smoothness of the yarn, so as to reduce the amount of yarn in the yarn. End breaks in the subsequent process improve the appearance quality of the fabric. Defects and impurities on the yarn are eliminated in the winding process, because the work of each package is carried out independently in the winding process. When a certain package is dealing with broken ends, other packages can be Continue to work without being affected in the slightest.

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