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The Method of Improving the Production Efficiency of Automatic Winder

Improving the operation efficiency of the automatic winder is a comprehensive index to measure whether the automatic winder is used scientifically. It can objectively reflect the quality of the cop, whether the process parameters are reasonable, whether the worker's operation method is correct, whether the equipment maintenance work is in place, etc. At present, in the use of automatic winders in enterprises, due to the gaps in the above aspects of work, there is a large gap in operation efficiency. Between 85% and 70% of a few enterprises or even lower, the difference in production efficiency between advanced and backward enterprises is about 20%. Therefore, to scientifically use the automatic winder, we must first grasp the important link of improving the production efficiency of the equipment. Generally, the production efficiency of the automatic winder should reach more than 85%. How to achieve this goal? According to the experience of many enterprises, the following tasks should be done well.

Improve cop quality and increase cop capacity

The bobbin yarn has few defects and good formation. When the automatic winder is unwinding, the looping can be reduced, the end breakage can be reduced, and the operation rate can be improved. At the same time, it is also a measure to improve the operation efficiency of the equipment by appropriately increasing the cop capacity at a certain spindle speed and reducing the number of knots during winding. At present, when some cotton spinning mills spin 14.5 tex ~ 9.7 tex yarn, the diameter of the ring is increased from 38 mm to 42 mm, the cop capacity can be increased by 25% to 30%, and the number of knots per bobbin can be reduced. 6 or more.

Do a good job in the control and adjustment of temperature and humidity in the winding workshop

Due to the use of air splicing and electronic yarn clearing technology, the automatic winder has stricter requirements on the temperature and humidity of the workshop than the ordinary winder. And there will be sudden yarn defects. Therefore, in addition to controlling the spinning process, especially the two moisture regain control points of cotton lap and roving, a certain number of air changes and suitable temperature and humidity conditions should be maintained in the winding process, and the temperature should be controlled at 22°C to 30°C. The relative humidity is controlled within the range of 62% to 72%. In particular, the capacitive electronic yarn clearer is more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Improper control will increase winder breakage and miscuts, affecting production efficiency. Therefore, it is not comprehensive to think that the winder workshop does not need to install air-conditioning equipment.

Reasonable control of the running speed of the automatic winder

The speed of the automatic winder is high and the output is high, but it will increase the hairiness to a certain extent. It is necessary to pass the test, on the basis of doing a good job in the maintenance of the key components of the yarn passage, and on the premise of controlling the hairiness to the minimum, the winding speed should be appropriately increased, and the maximum production efficiency of the automatic winder should be exerted.

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