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How to Deal With the Open Circuit of the Winding Machine?

The open circuit of the winding machine is one of the common faults of the winding machine. The open circuit of the winding machine needs to be stopped immediately, and then the inspection and maintenance are carried out.

First, let's take a look at the effects of an open circuit in the winder. When the winding machine has a wire breakage fault, it is called the winding machine open circuit, that is, the internal phase of the motor is missing. When the winding machine is disconnected, a series of faults will occur in the motor, ranging from difficulty in starting to unbalanced three-phase current, abnormal vibration, and then to temperature rise beyond the controllable range, smoke from the winding machine, burning, etc.

(1) Reason

The main reasons for the open circuit of the winding machine include line breakage during maintenance; manufacturing process problems; poor welding of various parts of the winding machine, overheating and desoldering; external force damage to the winding machine;

(2) Detection method

1. Observation method. The most common position of the breakpoint is generally at the end of the winding machine. You can find out whether the two ends of the winding machine are desoldered by visual inspection.

2. Multimeter or shaking table detection method. Measure the head and tail of each phase winding machine separately, and the infinite phase is the open circuit phase.

3. Power-on detection method. When the motor is running normally, measure the three-phase current with a clamp ammeter. If the three-phase current is unbalanced, the short-circuit fault can be eliminated, and the minimum current winding machine will be disconnected.

(3) Processing and repair method

1. When the circuit breaker is at the end, re-solder it after connecting, wrap it with proper insulation, soak the insulating paint and dry it, and put it on the insulating sleeve to use.

2. The inner winding machine is open circuit, this situation cannot be repaired in general, and the winding machine coil must be replaced.

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