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Classification of Twisting Machines

1. Ring twister

Most of the bobbins on the bobbin creel are looped on the insertion spindle in a horizontal manner. The plied yarn pulls the bobbin from the side to rotate and unwind. The ring plate is driven by the forming cam for short-range lifting and lowering. After each lifting and lowering, the position rises to a certain height, so that the pipeline can be wound into a conical cross-winding package. The ring plate can be lifted and lowered in a single and slow way throughout the whole process, which can increase the density and capacity of the package.

2. Wing spindle twister

The spindle wing is the main twisting part.

3. Double twister

With a double twist spindle as the main twisting machine part, each rotation can add two twists to the plied yarn. It is composed of a spindle, spindle disk, yarn storage disk and other rotating parts and fixed parts such as a yarn container and hollow spindle tube. The braking methods include 1. magnetic braking, 2. gravity braking and 3. mechanical braking.

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