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KC522A Automatic high-speed winder

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KC522A Automatic high-speed winder

product advantages:

Spun yarn


Sewing Thread

Textile yarn spun and twisted from staple length fiber, either natural or synthetic.

Natural fibre from the cotton plant which is spun into fine yarn.

Sewing threads yarns are especially made to pass rapidly through a sewing machine. It is a fine cord of a fibrous material, made of two or more filaments twisted together. The yarn has to form efficient stitches without breaking or becoming distorted.

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Machine structure

Single side,single layer

Spindle gauge


Min./Max.No.of spindles

4/20(Max.number of spindles per oil feeding system:20)

Type of winding

Precision cross winding

Take-up tubes

A tube:cones(cones with conicity from 3°30 to 5°57′;cylindrical or cone king spool up to 2°;tip diameter≥18mm )

Linear speed

Up to 1100m/min(depend to the process parameters)


76mm~152mm(±3.5mm, depend on the tank size, there are certain limitations)

Yarn count

Up to 3300D

Take-up package diameter

Up to 105mm

Supply package diameter

Up to 320mm

Rated power


Compression air



Used for A-tube, Y-tube( King-tube), cylinder tube production, be suitable for the production which need exchange a variety specifications of application.

Mainly suitable for winding of spun sewing thread、embroidery thread、corn spun、textured filament、industrial yarn、special yarn and etc.


Intelligent and constant temperature oil feeding device, can stop automatically when out-of oil or oil shortage , and can follow the leaner speed to change the amount of oil supply automatically, which achieve accurate refueling and perfect ensure the oil amount.

Feature model 1:Forming production of 2 inch cylinder tubes ,the diameter of tube (inner hole)

Feature model 2: Forming production of 2 inch Y-tubes;

Feature model 3: Electronic guide yarn forming production, can be adjusted at forming length, edge Angle in the required range;