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KC228 High speed precision skeining machine

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KC228 High speed precision skeining machine

product advantages:


Also known as Nylon. PA consists of chemical fibres and are obtained from synthetic polymers. Polyamid is very resistant and tear proof as well as elastic, stretchable and takes just a little moisture up. In addition it is extensively crease-resistant and drip-dry.

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Machine structure

Single size, single layer,4spindles per section

Type of winding

Precision winding

Spindle gauge



Single motor drive

Number of spindle

40 spindles/set

Leaner speed

Up to 1600m/min(depend on the process parameters)


130mm-250mm(It can be changed according to actual situation)

Rated power


Winding density

Intelligent setting



It is suitable for precision forming of elastic chemical fibers ,like polyester, chinlon  and so on, especially for precision forming of fine denier yarns.


◎Adoption of electronic yarn guide forming system, forming length is adjustable electronically ,  and the uniformity  of forming  density for reeled yarns can be guaranteed.                            

◎Adoption of digital programmable intelligent control ,yarns can be winded at a high speed and formed precisely at same time.              

◎Intelligent constant tension system and  automatic tracking system of over feeding can be chosen, so that the stability of yarn forming can be guaranteed.                                                                                       

◎Equipped with single spindle operation control, yarns can be loaded and  unloaded  freely.  It is convenient to operate with  reasonable transmission, compact struture, beautiful appearance.          

◎Each spindle of the whole machine is drove by independent brushless DC motor, Productivity is improved , power consumption is reduced at same time ,  more than 30%  power is saved compared to similar ma chines.