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KC250G Slack two-for-one twister

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KC250G Slack two-for-one twister

product advantages:


Also known as Nylon. PA consists of chemical fibres and are obtained from synthetic polymers. Polyamid is very resistant and tear proof as well as elastic, stretchable and takes just a little moisture up. In addition it is extensively crease-resistant and drip-dry.

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Machine Structure

Double sides, single layer, thread manually( Or Pneumatic threading)

Number of spindles

10n(or 12),100(or 120)spindles are standard

Spindle gauge

360mm(or 300mm)

Length of formed tube


Spindle speed range


Twist range


Twist direction

S or Z

Spindle tensioner

Ball type


190-250mm (Optional according to actual situation)

Rated Power


Start-up mode

Frequency conversion slow start

Take-up speed

Max 130m/min

Take-up package

Max 3kg or 4.5kg


It’s applied to make twisting of DTY yarns (high stretch yarn and DTY yarns), to be perfect solution for dyeing DTY yarns.

It is applied to make twisting of 75D-500D stretch yarn, such as nylon yarn,polyester yarn etc


◎The yarn enters the heat setting box, meanwhile it goes through the overfeeding system which is set up before and after respectively, which can ensure the stability of the yarn quality.

◎The soft winding design is under the twisting zone to ensure the natural physical state of the yarn and achieve the optimum soft density.

◎The heat box with Intelligent and adjustable temperature control is largely helpful for yarn packaging formation requirements

soft winding forming

Direct dyeing after taking off hank yarn/cheese yarn from packaging tube.

After dyeing,put the hank yarn on spring fame for initiative unwinding which is the process to make hank yarn into cone yarn.